Our homegroups are a very important part of Agóra Gellért. Our three groups meet on different weekdays in various districts of Budapest.

Homegroup 1

When: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 19:00
Where: 2049 Diósd

Words that describe the Diosd home group are fun, close relationships, honest, foodies, and games. We pray and go through books together, but spend a lot more time simply enjoying one another’s company.

Contact Sarah & Cormack

Homegroup 2

When: Every Wednesday 19:00
Where: District XI., Bartók Béla street

Our homegroup is focusing on building close relationships and creating a safe environment to discuss hard and controversial questions. We deep dive in the Bible and discuss what we learned on Sunday Services. Our group also organises game-nights and fun time activities to enjoy each other’s company. If you are not afraid or allergic to dogs, we have a fun place for you on Wednesday nights.

Contact Bálint or Piró

Homegroup 3

When: Every Thursday 19:00
Where: District I.

Our homegroup focuses on worship, Bible study and discussion. Thursday nights should be a possibility to slow down from everyday life and grow in the relationship with Jesus and community.

Contact Davide & Orsi

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