About us

Agóra Gellért is a community and a family.  We are a community because we intentionally live our lives together.  We are a family because, through Jesus, we have the same Father in heaven.  We seek to follow Jesus in all that we do – home, work, anywhere – and to tell others what He has done for us. Guided by His Spirit, we seek to grow deeper in our faith and in relationship with God and each other through active study of the Bible, prayer and honest conversations.  As a community, we want to follow Jesus so closely that when people meet us, they meet Him too.

Az Agóra Gellért közösség és család. Megosztjuk az életünket, Jézuson keresztül pedig ugyanaz az Atyánk. Szentlelkének erejéből szeretnénk olyan szorosan követni Jézust, hogy amikor velünk találkoznak, Őt is meglássák.

Our Team

Trey Shaw

Trey and his wife Denise have lived in Budapest since 2005.  After planting Agóra Corvin in 2010 he led a team to plant Agóra Gellért in 2017.  He loves spicy food (pretty much any kind), coffee and anything Denise bakes.

Bence Farkas

Bence is a husband, father, businessman and director of an organization that helps churches and communities like Agóra grow and make an impact. He and his wife, Dori, have been part of the team that planted Agóra Gellért from the beginning. They are excited to see lives being healed and transformed by God in and around our church. 

Davide Neri

Originally from Italy, Davide lived as missionary in 3 different continents and moved to Budapest 6 years ago. He met his wife Orsi here, established a start-up and has been involved in church planting. In Agóra Davide is passionate to see the transformation that God keeps bringing to our lives and to those that join in our walk.

Bálint Kocsis

Bálint is a PhD student in the fields of Mechanical Engineering. Coming from a Christian family and growing up in church, he would like to give his small portion to making Agóra Gellért truly the „city set on a hill”.

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